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Arts Services

Arts program in Teddy Academy  is designed to teach art techniques and vocabulary to elementary children. Local drawing classes for children ages 6 to 12 are available afterschool, right at school!

An Elementary school is a place where the first social and community life of your child start. It becomes a second home for boys and girls, all of whom are naturally curious about the world around them, as well as excited about learning.

Teddy Academy’s curriculum is designed to build on this natural curiosity and to channel the enthusiasm of the boys into a lifelong love for learning, discovery and understanding.Throughout all four grades of our education boys and girls are exposed to a rich, broad curriculum through which they develop a strong foundation of basic academic skills, as well as a vast range of experiences in which they can learn, create and imagine, culminating in the Fourth Grade with opportunities to lead.

The program challenges each boy as appropriate and helps develop a love of reading and writing, competence in and excitement about mathematics, and the beginning skills of inquiry and research. The boys explore the worlds of music, art, and drama, giving voice to their creative spirits, and participate every day in physical activities that utilize the boys’ innate need for movement and exercise. Spanish is introduced to the boys in the 1st Grade.

Certificado otorgado por el Programa “Recreo Saludable y en Movimiento”
Programa “Taller Dantitos en Acción”: Un espacio para desarrollar diferentes actividades lúdico expresivas, antes o después de concluir la jornada…
La propuesta de los talleres es encontrarnos y compartir con el otro a través del movimiento y la acción.
Un programa diseñado para que chicos y chicas pasen una jornada repleta de experiencias motrices, realizando actividades al aire libre,…
La tienda de Uniformes funciona de Lunes a Viernes de 7 a 17 hs. en el hall de ingreso de…
La librería La Dante funciona de Lunes a Viernes de 07 a 17 hs en el hall de ingreso de…
Al concluir cada ciclo lectivo, el Nivel Primario de La Dante abre sus puertas a todas las familias para mostrar…
Certificado otorgado por el Programa “Recreo Saludable y en Movimiento”

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